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Amber has lost control. Will Michael & Cilla get their HEA?

When the Bee Stings—the final installment of the bestselling Favorite Things Trilogy is on sale now!

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Follow Michael and Priscilla to Paris. Will he win her back?

Blue Satin Sashes—the second installment of the bestselling Favorite Things Trilogy is out now!

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A razor-sharp love triangle you won't soon forget! Raindrops on Roses, book one of the Favorite Things Trilogy is out now!

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One Man. 

Two Lives. 

Reginald Brooks lives a secret double life with two families for over six years. Now the pretending must stop. But how? Follow the families of Reginald Brooks as their lives of sex, love, hate and surprise reach an agonizing climax!

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Castles Built on Sand...

How deeply can the past be buried? Don't all secrets come back to haunt us? 

Leslie Cavanaugh enjoys the perfect life in West Palm, Florida. She has the best husband, daughter and career. But Leslie Cavanaugh is not who she claims to be.

And when her sorrowful past is exposed, she struggles to hold her family together, and nothing can prepare her for the most intimate betrayal of them all!

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